In many ways Georgetown is the premier area that people think of when picturing DC. It is a historic area that was actually founded 50 years before Washington DC as a tiny town in Maryland. Georgetown was later absorbed into DC, but has kept a uniqueness all its own. With upscale shopping and restaurants this is an area that is constantly filled with tourists and people passing through so it is important to remember that when looking for parking. The neighborhood is filled with gorgeous waterfront views and gardens that cannot be matched anywhere else in the city. With buildings that date back to the 1700s this is an area that prizes tradition and culture above all else. If you are looking for an upscale neighborhood that celebrates its history and stays almost separate from the rest of DC at times, then Georgetown is a place where you can Just BE.

Neighborhood Details

  • 17 132
  • $122 340
  • 20007
  • Clarendon
    U Street/African-Amer Civil war Memorial/Cardozo
    Farragut North
  • Foodie, Walkable, Shopping, Charming, Luxurious, Mature

Neighborhood Condo Buildings

2500 Q Street, NW
3303 Water St. NW
Resevoir Rd & 35th St. NW
1015 33rd St. NW
1077 30th St. NW
3008 26R St. NW

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